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    The DSD drag school started in 2005 when we felt a need for both new and experienced riders to have a good basis to start from, apart from over 30 years experience in drag racing both cars and bikes with multi championship winnings behind me I was also a qualified instructor with knowledge of different teaching techniques to help with all types of pupils and levels.

I have attended the world famous Frank Hawley Drag School in Gainesville Florida on a pro stock bike which was awesome, however the main part was on  the mental approach to get the best out of you and your machine.

We do the course in 2 parts.

Part 1 is a  1 day classroom  course where we go from the basics of drag racing, the track, the tree, burnouts, staging to basic bike setup, This has already helped some of the more experienced riders improve as well as given the new riders an informed safe introduction to the world of drag racing.

Part 2 is at the track with again a bit of classroom and then with your own bike having structured runs up the track which will be recorded on video then played back after the run in the classroom so we can discuss any points which may arise and help to improve your riding which in turn should reap benefits in your ET's.

Remember power without control is nothing.

2013 we will be doing the school again this year But with a slight change, we will be combining the 2 classes so the classroom and practical will be done together at the UK's premier Race track Santa Pod,

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